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YOUROUS' rich Saffiano case for AirPods Pro featured with N52 magnet on the back, and our luxurious, stylish metal holster made only for carrying your AirPods Pro. The best color scheme is in your preferred choice.

YOUROUS original AirPods Pro case_image1
YOUROUS original AirPods Pro case_image2
Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_lemon
YOUROUS original AirPods Pro case_image3
Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_lemon
Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_apricot



Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_wine
Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_coffee
Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_ruby




Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_snow


Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_deepsea


Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_cream


Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_charcoal


Saffiano magnetic AirPods Pro case_emerald


YOUROUS metal holster_side_view_silver

Our Saffiano case protects your AirPods Pro just as a conventional AirPods Pro case from scratches and falls. The magnet behind the case allows you to attach your AirPods Pro onto iron surface and any other flat surface with an adhesive magnet auxiliary plate. You can find the best suited color for yourself from ten different varieties of color, lemon, apricot, wine, coffee, ruby, snow, deepsea, cream, charcoal, emerald (emerald is only available in a limited quantity on Kickstarter).

YOUROUS AirPods Pro case_attached to belt

Aluminum metal holster with a belt

The metal holster, curved to fit right onto the saffiano case, is wearable on your belts, pants and many thin fabrics and materials directly. The clip part is designed to an elegant look and engineered to function as a smart hook. Attachable in two ways, the clip enables you to hook the metal holster onto materials with various thicknesses. The thinner opening side of the clip may be used when the applicable material thickness is 1mm to less than 2mm. The thicker opening side of the clip may be used when the material thickness is 3mm to less than 5.5mm. The clip part is made of 0.8mm stainless steel for the appropriate degree of elasticity and for the best comfort of wearability for users. 

Aluminum metal holster with no belt, shirt tucked out

Aluminum metal holster with no belt, shirt tucked in

YOUROUS AirPods Pro case_no belt_tucked out
YOUROUS AirPods Pro case_no belt_tucked in
YOUROUS metal holster_image1

For the cup part of the case that holds AirPods Pro, we selected two types of materials, aluminum and brass. Each material serves different purposes for various scenarios. The aluminum metal holster with a light weight of 50g is ideal for your daily activities and sports while embellishing your outfit with stylish silver color. The aluminum metal holster is available in colors, silver, blue, red, yellow and green. The color of the clip part comes with a reflective sliver. The brass metal holster gives off a splendid gold glaring. It is gorgeously cut out of pure brass ingot, and its weight of 113g is overwhelming and marvellous. The gold brass metal holster is an extreme accessory for your high sense of fashion and dressing. The color of the clip part is a reflective gold, fixed with matte black, hexagon bolts.

YOUROUS metal holster_front_view_silver
YOUROUS metal holster_front_view_gold
YOUROUS metal holster_front_view_blue
YOUROUS metal holster_front_view_red
YOUROUS metal holster_front_view_yellow
YOUROUS metal holster_front_view_green

A thickness of 3.0mm N52 magnet inserted into the metal holster holds the saffiano AirPods Pro case firmly as you walk, run, jump, or even when you ride a roller coaster. Detaching and Attaching AirPods Pro will be amazingly smooth. We promise that you are going to enjoy the great experience of the snapping action.

YOUROUS AirPods Pro case assembled

Project timeline

Oct 2020   -   Started a project to produce our Airpods pro case

Apr 2021   -   The design model of our Airpods pro case determined




Nov 2021   -   Planned to release our first crowdfunding on kickstarter

Feb 2022   -   Product shopping scheduled

YOUROUS original AirPods Pro case set

Our AirPods Pro case and other related accessories will be produced with elaborate care of our manufacturers in China, under the schemed designation of our product models. All the assembly of our products will be executed by ourselves in Japan. This would allow us to realize and compensate for the possible deficits and damage among our products. To provide better experience for our users, we will continue to develop and update our AirPods Pro case and other related accessories, even while our project is being carried out on Kickstarter. Our schedule is sensitive to changes in design,  the manufacturer’s leading time, and the required shipping time. Keep updated with us by subscribing to our newsletter and by our future kickstarter’s update.

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Our team members

Owner   -   Fuga Sato

YOUROUS team_Fuga Sato

I'm a fan of wearable devices, graduated the BCIT engineering department in Vancouver, Canada in 2020. I come up with the AirPods Pro case idea just as "I really wanna have the AirPods Pro case I'm imagining, no matter if it exists on earth!" and so I started making it from scratch. There are many AirPods Pro cases online as you know, but almost only patterned designs seen to those. This AirPods Pro case project was started promptly focusing on the professional design and the functionality of AirPods Pro case that we seek for. I always have to take an action when I think of something my interest turns on, although there were quite many things I couldn't have achieved without the support of my friends actually. I really appreciate my friends who gave me a hand to finish up shooting promotion videos and photos and making this website. It was my dream to achieve a success for a project on Kickstarter, so this is my greatest opportunity to keep myself promote and do my best through for this AirPods Pro case project. I really want to share our products to all of whom looking for a good AirPods Pro case in the world, and your pledge is absolutely important to make it come true, thank you!!!

Camera & Edit   -   Reiji Muramatsu

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Video model   -   Kodai Narita