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  • Is the magnet on the back of the Saffiano case harmful to AirPods Pro?

The magnet on the back of the Saffiano case is safe with AirPods Pro when used properly. We have tested AirPods Pro with the magnet thousands of hours to see if the magnetic force affects any damage on AirPods Pro, and none of the problems could be detected. Please do not keep the Saffiano case and the metal holster close to electronics because the magnet may become a cause of the internal failure.

  • The metal holster looks insufficient to keep away my AirPods Pro from theft.

The metal holster is made to fit the Saffiano protective case perfectly. There is no chance that your AirPods Pro to slip off of the metal holster by mistake even when bumped someone's shoulder. The wearer can also immediately recognize unintended movement of AirPods Pro due to the radical change of magnetic force when you detach the Saffiano case from the holster. However, it is recommended to avoid using it at crowded place. 

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