Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring our project into reality, however…

Belated Happy Merry Xmas! We wish you had a great time on your Christmas.

Our crowdfunding on Kickstarter made slightly above 50% of our funding goal and finished. Thank you all who supported our project and expected a large outcome on this challenge. We are afraid to announce that we couldn’t achieve our goal funding amount, however, we believe this is just our first step on our path of creativity challenge.

Not only making a new item like the AirPods Pro case needed to be given a good effort throughout this project, but the whole steps including shooting catchy photos and videos to vigorously conducting a web marketing. We were so lucky to experience this crowdfunding project regardless if the project is succeeding or failing.

Look forward to what we’ll be producing next, and how we are going to overcome our future obstacles on our next project!

#AirPodsPro #AirPodscase


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